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DANCEPLAY (18 months - 3 years old)

We provide a 1/2 hour play based class, introducing your child to the gross motor functions and movements used across a range of styles. We use a range of props, books and music to build movement and dance skills, as well as develop social skills and build life long friendships. It is the perfect start to your dance journey! 

JUNIORS (5-7 years old)

INTERMEDIATES (8-11 years old)

PRE-SENIORS (12 - 14 years old)

MINI MOVERS (4 - 5 years old)

Our Mini Movers classes are your next progression class after Danceplay. Within these classes we begin to explore movement concepts, team building skills and begin working towards formalised dance movements seen within Ballet and Jazz.


Southern Federation of Dance

​Jazz Level examinations

Jazz Fusion examinations

Tap Level Examinations

Royal Academy of Ballet

Pre-Primary - level 8 Ballet Examinations

Pre-Primary - level 8 Ballet Class Awards

Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Majors Examinations

SENIORS (14 - 18 years old)

OPEN (18+ years old)


Solo, Duo and Trio competition teams


An extension program for our devoted students who wish to take the next step in their dance journey! Students must be enrolled in the style of their solo, duo or trio item and partake in complimentary conditioning classes.


Love to perform? Get in touch to join the performance team.

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